Technical Sidemount

Want to learn how to use your skills for technical applications while sidemount diving. 


– Minimum age 18

– Minimum certification of  Open Water Scuba Diver 

What you get out of this course:

– Gain the knowlegde and skills to use sidemount diving for technical activities. (Activite to which you already previously certified)


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Course Requirements:


– Complete all E-learning Modules before any practical lessons start. 

– Dive planning and dive organisation session. This will be completed either in person or through our online classroom

Land Skills

– Gear set up 

– Cylinder donning and doffing 

– Out of gas donations 

– Regulator switching 

– Shut down drills

– Gas management


In-water Skills

– Demonstrate various propulsion techniques: frog kick, modified frog kick, modified flutter kick, backwards kick, helicopter turns, and hand pulling if appropriate for the environment

– Demonstrate adequate buoyancy control; ability to hover at fixed position in water column without moving hands or feet

– Demonstrate adequate trim; ability to maintain proper position during the descent, bottom and ascent portion of the dive

– Demonstrate the ability to perform the following exercises while maintaining trim and buoyancy in the water column:

a. Unclipping and attaching sidemount cylinders

b. Perform gas switches with and without a mask 

– Demonstrate the ability to safely manage gas in independent cylinders

– Demonstrate conservation, awareness, and back referencing techniques

– Deploy lift bag

– Carry additional cylinder(s); optional