Technical Diving Rescue

Technical diving! What do you do in a major catastrophe?


– Minimum certification of Advanced Nitrox &/or Decompression Procedures

– Rescue diver Certified


What you get out of this course:

– Learn rescue procedures for various technical diving scenarious 

-Execute rescue procedures in a controled enviroment. 


*This course has been created by Sam to help you gain a greater understanding of rescue requirements for all sorts of technical diving scenarios*

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Course Requirements:


– Dive planning and dive organisation session. This will be completed either in person or through our online classroom

Land Skills

– Dive Planning 

– Diver extraction 

– Incident analysis 

– Diver treatment

In-water Skills

– Incidnet analysis

– Incident recognition 

– Dive plan exercusion 

– Diver control under different scenarios:

a. Unconsious diver 

b. Panic diver 

c. Decompression dive (If certified to complete deco dives) 

d. independant rescue.