Technical Diving Prep

For the recreational diver that wants to improve all there skills as a  recreational diver to a technical diver level

During your 2-day Technical Diving Prep course, you will learn all the basic principles of technical diving, equipment streamlining, skill improvement/discipline. 
The course consists of theory sessions, equipment preparation and Open water dives.
All courses that are taught through Sam Bennett Diving have a ratio of 4:1 (students to instructor)
    • Minimum certification of Advanced Diver
    • Minimum age of 18, 17 with parents consent
    • Proof of a minimum of 25 dives
    What you get out of this course:
    • Learn to how to set up all technical diving equipment required at entry-level technical dives
    • Learn how to safely and efficiently use technical diving gear for its intended purpose.
    • Learn how to plan a technical dive ( 1 gas used)



    Equipment, site entry fees, boat fees (if required), gas fees are not included

    Course Requirements:



    • Dive planning and dive organisation session. This will be completed either in person or through our online classroom.

    Land Skills

    • Equipment set up
    • Emergency Drills
    • Stage cylinder use
    • Stage Cylinder deployment

    IN-water skills

    • Safe water entries
    • Pre-dive checks
    • Emergency drills
    • Stage Cylinder deployment
    • Stage Cylinder use
    • Pre-submersion checks
    • Proper movement in the water
    • Breathing underwater
    • Mask removal and Clearing
    • Proper Trim
    • Regulator removal and clearing
    • Out of gas Donations
    • Neutral buoyancy
    • Buoyancy control
    • Self-rescue techniques
    • Rescue techniques
    • Underwater communication
    • and much much more.