Recreational Diving

Open Water Diver

The course you need to become a Certified Diver.
Learn all the key skill, drills and knowledge needed to dive safely, comfortably and confidently.

Advanced Diver

Continue growing and gaining new skills after your Open water diver course.
Gain skills and knowledge from 4 different specialities to continue progressing your diving.

Rescue Diver

Become the dive buddy that everyone feels safer to have around.
Learn what is required and how to execute a diver rescue in many different conditions while keeping the diver and yourself as safe as possible.

Deep Diver

Want to start exploring just that little bit future and see what the depths have to offer.
Gain the skills to be able to safely execute dives down to 40m/130ft and come back up to the surface without exceeding your No-Decompression Limit (NDL)

Solo Diver

Do you find yourself alone &/or separated from your buddy during a dive?
Learn how to dive safely if you find yourself alone while underwater, with the correct equipment and proper safety procedures.

Other Specialilities 

Recreational Sidemount Diver

Wanting to extent your dive time because you keep running out of gas? Try diving with 2 cylinders. 
Sidemont diving gives you the opportunity to explore more of the underwater world by allowing you to carry more gas and by providing a flatter profile in the water. 

Nitrox Diver

Does your No-Decompression Limit keep cutting your dives short? 
Nitrox diving allows you to dive with gases that have an increased oxygen percentage up to 40%, this allows you to have a longer bottom time.