Muscle Memory Sidemount

Already sidemount certified? 

Improve those skills to get the most out of sidemounting.


– Already sidemount certified 

What you get out of this course:

– Improve your sidemount skills to the best they can be. 

– Learn the different way people dive sidemount

– Get your skills to the point where you can do them with your eyes closed


*This course has been created by Sam to help you take the next step in becoming the best sidemount diver you can be*

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Course Requirements:


All theory for this course is completed in conjunction with all land based learning sessions. 

Land Skills

– Gear configuration

– Emergency drills

– Emergency Procedures

– Donning and doffing gear

In-water Skills

– Cylinder donning ang doffing 

– Hose routing 

– Trim 

– Fin kicks

– Out of gas donations 

– Shut down drills 

– Gas Management 

– Equipment failure

– Buoyancy control