Doubles Prep

This is a great course for the diver who is looking to take the step away from single tank diving and explore the joys of diving with two tanks

During your Doubles Prep course, you will learn all the basic principles of using a set of backmounted doubles (if you are interested in using multiples cylinders in a different configuration then have a look at sidemount diving),  emergency drills, neutral buoyancy, kicks, buddy drills. 
The course consists of theory sessions, equipment preparation and Open water dives.
All courses that are taught through Sam Bennett Diving have a ratio of 4:1 (students to instructor)
    *This course has been created by Sam to give you all that you need to get started with diving manifolded Doubles*
    • Minimum certification of Advanced Diver
    • Minimum ages of 18, 16 with parents consent
    • Proof of 25 logged dives
    What you get out of this course:
    • Learn how to properly set up a set of regulators for doubles diving
    • Learn how to properly fit and use a backplate and wing.
    • Gain the skills to safely and efficiently use a set of doubles
    • Learn how to gain proper trim and efficient fin kicks.


    Equipment, site entry fees, boat fees (if required), gas fees are not included

    Course Requirements:



    All theory for this course is completed in conjunction with all land based learning sessions.

    Land Skills

    • Equipment Set up
    • Emergency drills
    • Diver position
    • Fin kicks

    IN-water skills

    • Safe water entries
    • Pre-submersion checks
    • Proper movement in the water
    • Breathing underwater
    • Mask removal and Clearing
    • Proper Trim
    • Regulator removal and clearing
    • Out of gas Donations
    • Neutral buoyancy
    • Buoyancy control
    • Self-rescue techniques
    • Rescue techniques
    • Emergency Drills