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Open Water Diver

Are you interested in getting certified in scuba diving?

Take the plunge and get your first diving certification. Learn all the skills and theory you need to know to get in the water with comfort and confidence.

Taking the Next Step

What to do next after your Open water diver course?

There are so many options of what do next could it be Nitrox, sidemount, deep, wreck, rescue?


Explore all the possibilities available.

Technical Diving Course

Want to take that step into some deeper depth? Increase your bottom time?


Become an Instructor

Share your passion with the world. Gain the skills necessary to teach the new divers of the world what they need to do to thrive. 

SDI/TDI Instructor Courses

Find out what it takes to become an Instructor…..


“Sam is undoubtably one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable instructors I’ve ever met, and the fact he’s lived and breathed scuba since he was a kid means he brings a depth of diving experience that’s genuinely extraordinary. While someone else with his level of dedication might lose their of humour, training with Sam is always a laugh and he produces better divers for making every aspect of a course fun. I’m proud to tell people I began first step into cave diving under Sam’s watchful eye, and I aspire to be the kind of instructor he is.”


Josh Richards, Australia

“I’ve dived for nine years and been a full time instructor for three. My first course with Sam, and my introduction to cave diving, was the single best course I’ve ever taken. If you don’t care about certs and simply want to become a better diver, I couldn’t recommend Sam more.”

Ryan Griffin, Australia

My partner and I completed our open water with Sam in 2018. Sam was ultra professional and was able to tailor his teaching style to suit our needs.

Matt Gerbert, Australia